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  • Registered Data Controller with Data Protection Agency 
  • ISO9001 - ISO Certification Number ECL/EEC000264
  • HCSIC - Department of Health approved safe transfer of sensitive medical data.
Technomed clinical staff are all trained physiologists, registered and accredited by the Society of Cardiological Sciences & Technology (SCST), with each having passed extra ECG interpretation competency exams. Every, UK trained cardiac physiologist is continuously assessed by a consultant cardiologist for accuracy of reporting using anonymised processes to avoid bias, and monthly audit meetings backed by statistical analysis ensure scrutiny is continuous and the highest standards are maintained.

Our diagnosis service is directly registered with the CQC for regular independent inspection.
All interactions with our systems are recorded so that the time and date of all work requests, data uploads and downloads as well as the identity and locations of all users can be monitored for maximum integrity.
GPs and their teams are now able to conduct increasingly vital ECG and BPM diagnostics with their patients in their local practices or homes.
Instant device-led results can give instant peace of mind, with detailed reports delivered the same day or next day to provide you with full interpretation. We guarantee all reports within 24hrs, instant interpretation is provided at no extra cost.
If a case is urgent, the ECG can be reported while you wait. If you require further advice, you can initiate an E-Consultation with one of our consultant cardiologists.
Speed massively improves the patient experience, avoiding needless delays, inconvenience and anxiety. It also saves clinical time and budgets to deliver better care at the earliest point in the care pathway.
Vital. We turn quality data into quality care. All our digital devices ensure the maximum quality of data is preserved, so the smallest health indicators are spotted immediately. Our systems ensure the right diagnosis is applied to the right patient. Some providers of similar services can’t match Technomed’s attention to data quality. We unashamedly set the bar high because we know this data quality protects patients and clinicians and cannot be compromised.
The exceptional value of our services enable you to provide more quality ECG testing and interpretation services, within the same budget.
We recognise CCGs, practices and practitioners have very different requirements around budgets and billing. At Technomed we think you deserve more flexibility and better value. With our ECG On-Demand® service you never feel you need to choose between clinical quality and precious budgets. This ensures you can deliver vital improvements in services within budget, while freeing up clinicians to do what they do best every day.
We have rich data and deep expertise in anticipating the volume of ECG testing and interpretation that is appropriate across different geographic locations.
We help you understand your operational data - our business intelligence platform gives you powerful insight into your operational efficiencies. We can break down activity analysis to practice and clinician level, giving visibility of true service utilisation.

Key Facts

While you wait
​If required, we offer instant interpretation​ as a no cost add-on​.
The average turnaround time for a 12-lead report is less than 2 hours.

What our customers say

Patients with serious mental health issues die on average 20 years younger than the rest of us. We were tasked to improve the health of this population by introducing systematic physical health checks. We needed an easy to use but sophisticated ECG machine with interpretation support. The reporting is prompt and easy to understand. The simplified user interface and remote support has been invaluable for those staff new to ECGs.

Kate Dale - Nurse Manager
South West Yorkshire Trust

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