Traffic light reports make patient management easy

About Us

Founded in 2002, Technomed’s award winning technologies and ISO9001 operations are well established and extremely reliable. Every day we provide timely, accurate and secure ECG interpretation services and reports across the NHS and many leading private providers. Our goals are simple:

  • To bring cardiology expertise closer to the point of care
  • To make this easy and convenient for the doctor and patient
  • To improve outcomes, through accessibility, speed and accuracy.

Why we are the smart choice


  • We deliver cardiac expertise at the Point of Care
  • Fast services means reduced anxiety for patients
  • Every report within 24 hours
  • 'While you wait' service included
  • Simple yet thorough reports
  • Clear signposting using 'traffic light' risk rating
  • E-consultation by UK Consultant Cardiologists
  • CQC Registered Service
  • Our reporting physiologists are subject to continuous consultant cardiologist audit.


  • Easy to use, highly portable and reliable cardiac equipment
  • The right solutions in the right places at the right time
  • Smart devices and processes makes training easy
  • Access ECG interpretation and Holter analysis in seconds from EMIS and SystmOne
  • Reports are delivered to the appropriate clinician, irrespective of where a test is undertaken
  • We clear waiting list backlogs anywhere in the UK
  • UK based clinical and technical support.


  • Smart ECG equipment means fewer ECG interpretations
  • High quality test results means fewer repeat tests
  • You can pay per use giving you complete control on service levels and expenditure
  • Alternatively you can fix your costs enabling you to budget with complete confidence
  • Devices can be periodically updated at a tempo you control ensuring you always have class leading equipment
  • We offer a central London VIP service to private practitioners.

Case studies

Offender Health

Following a death in custody incident, the commissioner wished to improve access to ECG interpretation expertise for its prison GPs. High quality 12-lead ECG recordings are recorded in the prisons and transmitted securely over the N3 network to Technomed for interpretation. The ECGs are risk-stratified to assist in patient management. The ECG reports are shared with Airedale General Hospital who provide video consultation services to the prisoners.

Expert ECG interpretation has given prison GPs improved confidence in selecting the appropriate triage option. The service has reduced the number of physical hospital referrals and speeded access to care.

Community Cardiology

High quality 12-lead ECG recordings are recorded by cardiographers working in two, high-volume community cardiology hubs operated by the acute care trust. ECG test referrals, E-consultation and report delivery are by the ECG Cloud Service. Customer satisfaction levels are high in both the acute care trust and ECG practices.

Mental Health

High quality 12-lead ECG recordings are recorded in a mental health environment by nurses as part of physical health checks. ECGs are transmitted securely over the N3 network to Technomed for interpretation. The ECGs are risk-stratified to assist staff with patient triage. The ECG reports are shared with the Ridge GPwSI service who provide E-consultation services to mental health staff.

The service has improved patient access to high quality cardiac diagnostics particularly for those patients undergoing psychotropic drug therapy.

What our customers say

Patients with serious mental health issues die on average 20 years younger than the rest of us. We were tasked to improve the health of this population by introducing systematic physical health checks. We needed an easy to use but sophisticated ECG machine with interpretation support. The reporting is prompt and easy to understand. The simplified user interface and remote support has been invaluable for those staff new to ECGs.

Kate Dale - Nurse Manager
South West Yorkshire Trust

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